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All in Life Adventure

All the laughter and tears that make up my year of discovering what an All-In Life means to me.

Work on what matters

  • I’ve worked with a lot of other coaches in the past but the level of individualized and custom attention far surpassed anything I’ve experienced before. Terra talked to my archetypes and spoke in my language and continued to explain patterns through that lens time and time again. It is my life, they are my patterns but with her eyes on them, they are making way more sense than they ever have.

    Terra’s enthusiasm and problem solving nature make her naturally curious about what motivates people. She is brilliant about the way personalities weave together and has helped me strengthen my relationship with my assistant and with romantic partners as I navigate the dating world. She covers all the bases from parenting, personal fulfillment, identity, professional passions, romance and partnership and wellness.

    More than anything, the energetic sensation of closing out a session with Terra is that of feeling buoyant and capable. She always leaves me with a to do list that I can’t wait to get started on and know is the perfect way for me to take care of myself and my business.

    Courtney Hill
    Certified 500-hr Yoga Teacher, Acupuncturist and Herbalist
  • I've been in sales for 7 years now. After my 3rd year I was lucky enough to meet Terra. After having Terra take me under her wing by business was taken to a whole new level.

    The next year I doubled my income. Since I have continue to grow my business and network while being able to also focus on being a single father. I still have been growing my business using many things that I learned from her and others that I learned because of the direction she guided me in. Terra had been an inspiration, friend, mentor and so much more.

    I have started listening to her podcast and I am reminded of how passionate, genuine, driven and brilliant she is. It is worth sharing that I am a man. Although her podcast is geared towards women I encourage men and women to listen openly so that she can help you as well to transform your life and career.

    Kyle Sullivan, CLCS
    Assistant Vice President, John M Glover Agency
  • At the end of September I had the pleasure of attending Terra’s Archetypes & Elements Mini-retreat. To say this was an incredible experience does not even begin to do it justice.

    The most incredible part of the day came through in Terra’s passion for this retreat. In her own words, “This workshop is my third favorite thing to do in my entire life after spending time with my daughter and my husband.” It showed. The way she explained each element and archetype and gave examples from her own life was remarkable. She made each of us feel safe to share our own stories as we explored why we think and act the way we do. Her excitement fueled our excitement and allowed us to dive deep into unchartered territories. With her guidance, we each walked away with a better sense of ourselves, empowering us to make clear and impactful decisions in our lives.

    If you haven’t taken this workshop – you need to. It’s powerful stuff, as it will positively change the way you think about yourself and how you interact with loved ones and clients. Basically, it will give you the clarity you need to be better at life.

    Michele Lyman
    Serenity Yoga