I’ve worked with a lot of other coaches in the past but the level of individualized and
custom attention far surpassed anything I’ve experienced before. Terra talked to my
archetypes and spoke in my language and continued to explain patterns through
that lens time and time again. It is my life, they are my patterns but with her eyes on
them, they are making way more sense than they ever have.

Terra’s enthusiasm and problem solving nature make her naturally curious about
what motivates people. She is brilliant about the way personalities weave together
and has helped me strengthen my relationship with my assistant and with romantic
partners as I navigate the dating world. She covers all the bases from parenting,
personal fulfillment, identity, professional passions, romance and partnership and

More than anything, the energetic sensation of closing out a session with Terra is
that of feeling buoyant and capable. She always leaves me with a to do list that I
can’t wait to get started on and know is the perfect way for me to take care of myself
and my business.