I'm Terra

Co-founder of Beloved Earth Company in 2005 and Cultivate & Nest in 2015, I am a born entrepreneur. My passion is finding the natural integration of my two callings...supporting my businesses to do their part to change the world and being the best flippin' mother I can be to my daughter. Where it all seems to come together for me is in actively supporting other mom-preneurs to find that same 'sweet spot'!

As a driven serial entrepreneur of several social enterprises and devoted civic volunteer, my default mode is 'always on'. I have to work super hard at NOT being a workaholic... Maybe you are the same.

Now add becoming a mother to that and I can get sucked into a time warp where none of my choices feel intentional, I'm striving after an ever-multiplying list of to-do's and I end up feeling exhausted/powerless/trapped or just plain ineffective!

If you are like me, you feel time passing by every second & you want to make the most of it. Your baby is already a kid and you feel like you just found out you were pregnant. Maybe you feel like your time gets swallowed up by all manner of things that don't seem to make you happier or more fulfilled or bring you even an inch closer to what you really want out of life. How do you give your ALL to your family and still have enough left to give yourself or your passions?

Things are as difficult as they are because I try to fit 3-4 things into one moment.

I have had visions that I would have to be 8 different people to actually live all the different futures I have envisioned for myself. Many of my businesses are about generating enough money to be able to do the businesses I want - but if I am going to put all my energy into doing them, then they should be well functioning and fulfilling. All in Life is about that. Even our means-to-an-end choices should be something that makes us happy in the meantime.

I am married to my best friend and life partner since 2005 and I can’t imagine being happier- thats a lie… I can, but that’s not to say we haven’t had our share of adjusting our lives to one another especially after having a baby together.

What if there was a way to dive deep into who you are, who you want to be and who you are BECOMING? Come along with me. We will have fun. We will do it together. We will celebrate. We will learn to turn ourselves ON, in so many dimensions.

Let's live a life where ALL of it matters, ALL of the priorities are honored and we can have ALL the wonder, gifts and light there is to be had by you and your family.

How much more time do you want to give this project called life before you start cultivating what you really want?

We are the creators of our own adventure. I once heard ‘adventure’ defined as the intersection between enterprise and enthusiasm, which couldn’t turn me on more. I have visions of myself traveling through the gorgeous (and sometimes perilous) map of my life, with loved ones by my side, glowing clouds above me, a sunset at my back and the cobalt night sky rising before me full of stars and fireflies. The fact that I never know what is too far ahead excites me and makes me spend countless hours imagining the possibilities.

Yes, I know that is not how everyone sees their life. And it’s not how I always have. I have been in dark and desperate holes, having no idea how to even begin digging my way out. I have been in abusive homes and on the edge of financial ruin. I have been confused and self-destructive. Somehow the greatest gift along the way was a GLIMMER, a sparkle. I always knew that this ‘wasn’t as good as it gets’ so I kept going. On the other sides of these shadows I had amazing triumphs and successes. Friends that made me laugh so hard I’d pee my pants. Partnering with my soulmate and having our lives transformed when we became a family. I won awards, spoke in front of hundreds of people, started several game-changing and disruptive social enterprises, got articles about me in the newspaper...get the idea? It’s been a wild ride. The best part is that it’s far from over.

The most wonderful thing about going All-in with your Life is that we don’t always realize how powerful we actually are to transform our lives for the better, minute by minute. So we can be better moms, better lovers, better friends but especially so we can be better selves.

My paths converged into All In Life so that my Life’s Work could truly begin; teaching ambitious, creative, passionate moms to be the masters of their OWN adventure.