Do you know anyone that needs a reminder that the Universe still cares about them?

I know I did. This was a rough week and I know I’m not alone in this experience of life being a roller coaster of ups (finally launched my beautiful new website) and downs (boiler goes AND toddler gets stomach flu on the day of my birthday party). During one of the moments when I was asking the Universe “WTF?”, I had a 2-part epiphany…

As my birthday approaches, on the solstice – effectively the darkest day of the year – I can control how much happiness I have better by deciding how much to GIVE than how much I should expect to get. And secondly, my problems are so beautifully MY problems and I wouldn’t trade them in favor of someone else’s. 

That being said, sometimes these little lights at the end of the tunnel, or epiphanies, or changes of heart don’t necessarily come easy/naturally/quickly or even at all. That’s what this campaign is about. Help me brighten the rest of my 2017 by bringing an unexpected little burst of light and love into the life of someone you care about who has been having some gloomy days lately.


Starting on the solstice (my birthday) and ending with the year, I will be choosing one nominee (thanks to your submissions) to receive a handmade agate nightlight. YUP! A physical gift, beautifully wrapped and delivered to their door, meant to bring spiritual, emotional and even physical light into their life. I’ll even include a handwritten love-note from me AND YOU.


You are already halfway there…Feel free to look around, since it’s my BEAUTIFUL NEW WEBSITE (thanks to Alex at Just Peachy). Once you are done with the fun, click on the CONTACT tab. Enter YOUR NAME AND EMAIL, don’t worry, you aren’t subscribing to anything, you are just letting me know who is making a nomination. In the “Message” tab, you need to tell me WHO you would like to nominate and why. (I don’t need all the nitty-gritty details, just as much as you’d feel comfortable sharing about why you love them and why you want them to know it). And finally, I need THEIR EMAIL – just so I can notify them that they’ve been nominated/chosen and to get the mailing address. They also will NOT be subscribed to ANYTHING.

Please help me by making a nomination(s), and even more so by sharing! After all, I’ve got a lot of love and light to share and a BUNCH of beautiful night-lights that need loving homes to light up.

Love to you and yours for the rest of this year and all that follow.