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"Terra is a brilliant entrepreneur and an intuitive and compassionate coach. She will teach you not only how to change the way you think about your business and integrate systems to create powerful leverage, she is also an excellent model of how to navigate the treacherous waters of entrepreneurship with grace, humor, grit and love."

T.B., Ashfield, MA

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Shortly after signing up, you'll get a welcome message from me that gives you more info on how the program works, where to find your fellows and friends who are already living a latté (on facebook) and how to join in. 

Get Ready

Join in the fun on facebook, get yourself a journal for the writing activities and meditations and other fun things that are about to start arriving in your inbox and wait until the first! Don't wait to start getting to know us (and yourself!) though...

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This is a monthly subscription, so on the first each month, our new program begins. At dawn, you'll receive your first prompt and similarly every day for the month. To make it even more fun, there are bonuses, giveaways, challenges and contests throughout the month. Don't miss a day...for lots of reasons but mostly because you DESERVE to be the you that you'll be at the end.

Be Present and Heard

It's important to share the choice of making yourself a priority. It will give you added joy, accountability AND will give all those watching you permission to do the same. Share your thoughts, your experiences, your challenges...we want to know.

Upgrade & Share

You know what's even better than lighting up your own life? Doing it WITH the other people you love and care about and doing it with superfood coffee in a signature All In Life firefly mug! Please consider sharing your experiences or any of the public materials... Don't share the experience of others though - let's be respectful of the vulnerable privacy needed for personal development!

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