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Live A Latté

30 Days of Prioritizing YOU over your morning cup of coffee.

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Archetypes and Elements Mini Retreat

A 4 hour group workshop that dives into discovering your personality types of your personal element as well as your dominant archetypes to begin the journey of your life adventure.

We examine and define your relevant personality traits within these 2 sciences and dive into how they show up in the key relationships and areas of your life and how they could be serving you better.

Lantern Call

A one-on-one session to get clarity on your next steps.

Feeling lost? Let's talk. We'll pack our hour with discovery and personalized problem-solving to get you on the right path.

(Guided Life Overhaul)

A 12 week mastermind of creating a personalized all-in life adventure. Join a cohort of Moms doing it all on a guided life adventure.

Using what we learned about ourselves and where we are starting from during the mini-retreat, we create a guided life adventure to start utilizing and growing with. After the group program, we'll meet 1-on-1 for ongoing personal coaching.

What my Wonderful Clients have to Say

"My strongest element is fire.... shocking right?! I know!

The truth is Terra Missildine helped me really begin to understand what that means for me... and it answered a lot of questions about how my fire plays a part in my everyday life and relationships."

- K.W., Pelham, MA

"Terra is a brilliant entrepreneur and an intuitive and compassionate coach. She will teach you not only how to change the way you think about your business and integrate systems to create powerful leverage, she is also an excellent model of how to navigate the treacherous waters of entrepreneurship with grace, humor, grit and love."

- T.B., Ashfield, MA

"I took one of Terra’s workshops a few years back and would highly recommend it for trying to find more focus and drive. Your best investment is yourself!"

- J.W., Manchester, CT

The All in Life Journey

The First Step

We have so many awesome ways of getting to know each other - totally for free! Check out the podcast or join in on facebook. Read the blog and watch the videos. You can even…

Live a Latté

Opt in to a month of paying more attention, taking better care, having more fun and if you are so inclined, doing all of it with an amazing cup of coffee at your side! With the fun upgrade you’ll get a super fun video message sent to you every day that you can watch while you drink your month’s supply of superfood lingzhi coffee out of the cutest All In Life signature firefly mug. But don’t worry, there’s a totally free way to opt-in as well… Click to learn more.

I want to know more...

Elements & Archetypes

Super-fun, game-changing insight abounds in these workshops about my two favorite personality systems. If you live locally, come learn what yours are (and how to USE them!) in person at the 4 hour mini retreats. If not, we are working REALLY hard to create an online version that is just as powerful. Be patient, but also let me know if you need this! It will make me work faster! And a reminder, having these workshops under your belt is the pre-requisite for apllying to…


The Guided Life Overhaul, our 3 month flagship group program, where I will trek beside you into what really makes you shine. We dig deep into what makes you want to fly out of bed in the morning, how to make the very most of all your resources (in a way that makes EVERYTHING feel easier) and be a transformed and deliriously satisfied woman at the end of 12 weeks together. These intensives are not for the faint of heart and are offered seasonally, so each carry their own special super-power energy to help you…


This is our big community retreat. BELIEVE is an acronym - By Exploring Life In Each Vital Element. Come celebrate this adventure that is YOUR LIFE. Learn from some of my favorite mentors, healers, artists and wise-women as we come together to lift one another, share our stories of accomplishment (and authenticity, even if that brings tears with it, it’s all welcome here). A come as you are, with a knowing that you’ll be different every moment that follows.

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